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Picanha na Chapa
Blue Charcoal Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria Rodizio Churrascaria - Brazilian Steakhouse

The culture of Brazil represent a very diverse nature showing an ethnic and cultural mixing occurred in colonial time involving Native Amazonian, Portuguese,Africans, Italian,German, Spanish Ukranians, Polish Japanise ETC As consequence of this mixing the core of Brazilian food   continue....

Picanha is a tender beef well appreciate all over brazil, it has a layer of fat, which supply incomparabe juiciness and flavor specialy when is skillet and accompany by onion, bell peppers, Yuca or Potatoes.

A new experience eating meat, Come in and try out our 11 finest varieties of meats, served on your table for our gauchos and do not forget to save a room for the roasted pineapple you will love it. blue charcoal churrascaria richardson.


Carvao Azul

Blue Charcoal

For a tasty meat come hungry and leaf happy  ! that is a good feeling!

Churrascaria,Churrasco,Rodizio,Brazilian restaurant has the same meaning, "Brazilian steakhouse". It's more than a plate of meat is an unique experience because is a different style of cooking meat, we are recreating a technique of the south of Brazil and north or Argentina that the gauchos have been using for more than 100 years when there where at the field herding cattle, we are a traditional Brazilian restaurant in Dallas and we preserve those traditions to offer you a real experience.

The Beast of Brazil

Blue Charcoal Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria Rodizio in Richardson Dallas